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Fearless Auditions

Imagine it, you get a call in the morning, from your agent, you've got an audition coming up later that afternoon. You walk into the casting office, they give you a script right-there on the spot. You perform it, you are asked to try it a different way, you do that. You're happy with your audition and the way it went, your deep in the knowledge that you did your best, you feel good.

How would that feel to you knowing that going into every audition that would be the norm for you, that you would approach every audition that way?

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Audition fears come in many forms, such as, fear of being criticised, making mistakes, or  being accepted for who you are. We will look at these and many more so we can direct our focus

Our Sessions in 3 Easy Steps



These roots are contributing to your fears. We will work on these so you can develop true actors presence




You are moving forward, renewed and energised, and excited for your next audition!

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3 Mistakes actors make that keep them Fearing Auditions

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Be in the moment

You want to focus on whats important; your character, your script, your objective. Why let your fear hold you back. Show them what you got.

Fearless Audition Coach


Stavros, used to be an actor and worked in both independent films and on stage and was a former Spotlight member,

After auditioning many many times, he still was fearful and subsequently trained with some of the
world’s top experts in emotional and behavioural pattern elimination to initially help himself but changed his calling so he can help others break free of the blocks holding them back

He lives in the U.K. however works with clients around the world via Zoom. In his spare time enjoys dancing, callisthenics and spending time with his 5 year old nephew

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