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Do teachers get stage fright?

INURE: You may have not heard of this word before, but it means:

“to become accustomed to hardship, difficulty, pain

Have you ever been to someone else’s house who owns a couple of dogs and there is a smell there, but they swear to you they can’t smell anything, while you are doing your best not to be taken aback by the stench?

This is something that happens to teachers performing on stage or public speakers or a friend of yours that’s been on hundreds of interviews.

You perform, you speak in public, you feel nervous, anxious, fearful. However you do it over and over and over again. You start to get comfortable

Then what happens, does the:

  • fear

  • nervous,

  • anxiousness

Just go away?

In short, No - its there buried underneath the hundreds if not thousands of hours of you having done the same thing over and over again.

You have the fear, anxiety, nervousness, but its now become part of who you are.

Like the friend that doesn’t notice the smell in his house.

But what would happen if you took that friend out of his house for a couple of weeks and brought him back?

What would happen to that teacher, to the public speaker, if you took them out of that environment, they’ve become so accustomed to?

Until next time,

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