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How can I feel more comfortable speaking my mind when I’d like to?

Try this.

  1. Close your eyes

  2. Imagine you are in a situation where you would like to speak up

  3. Notice what FEELINGS are coming up for you: this could be anything from, apprehension, mild anxiety, fear all the way to terror

  4. GET IN TOUCH with the feeling

  5. Notice what THOUGHTS come up related to the feeling

  6. Write them down

Look at what you wrote down.

Are there thoughts such as:

I better not speak up, I’m going to sound rude, its wrong to speak up, people don’t want to hear what I have to say etc

What do these thoughts point to?

BELIEFS - specifically limiting beliefs

If you have thoughts such as those listed above, beliefs you may have:

What I have to say is not important; People aren’t interested in what I have to say; What makes me good enough is having people think well of me.

NEXT STEP - Get rid of the limiting beliefs, fear goes down, feeling comfortable with what you have to say,

If you’d like to know more, let me know,

Until next time,

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