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How can I overcome my fear of public speaking?

You’ve tried it out (or not):

  • Practice practice practice

  • Joined a toastmaster club

  • Taken baby steps

  • Told yourself you can do it

  • Medicated

& yet you still find yourself fearful of public speaking - why?


Limiting beliefs you hold.

Beliefs such as I’m not capable, Mistakes and failures are bad; What I have to say is not important, People aren’t interested in what I have to say; I’m not good enough; What makes me good enough is having people think well of me

To make it real that these beliefs (and a few others) cause fear of public speaking, try this:

Imagine someone you don’t know, having the beliefs listed above - do you think they would be comfortable speaking in public?

How do I know if have these beliefs?

  1. Say out loud a nonsensical statement, such as I’m a chair, I’m a laptop, I’m purple

  2. Now say the words of the belief out loud

  3. Did the nonsensical statement and the belief feel the same to you as you said them out loud? If they did well done, you don’t have that belief. If however the words of the belief felt different (possibly a pull in your stomach, some heaviness, emotionally heavy, etc) then you’ve identified a limiting belief holding you back contributing to your fear of public speaking

Next step: Eliminate them and public speaking fear will be a thing of the past

Until next time,

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