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  • Fearless Audition Coach

How can I overcome my stage fear and be confident in front of public?

Get rid of the beliefs causing your fear

(1) What is a belief,

(2) how do they cause your fear, and

(3) what would getting rid of them do for me?

  1. A belief is a generalised statement of reality that you that you hold to be true. This can be anything from Life is easy for me to I’m inadequate

  2. You’re about to get on stage >> You feel some level of fear >> You have thoughts that are coming up, e.g.. I cant do this, what are other people going to say >> Beliefs these point to - I’m not capable, If I make a mistake i’ll be rejected, its dangerous to have people focus on me

  3. How would you act if you saw a mistake as a learning opportunity, that you were dancing like nobody’s watching, that you believed in your abilities - not just knowing all these things but believing it deep down

Bonus - How to know if you have the belief?

Say out loud a nonsensical statement - e.g. I’m a chair, I’m a television

How does that FEEL (for a nonsensical statement there should be no feeling, it may even feel laughable)

Now say your belief out loud.

Did it feel totally ridiculous to say it (the way you said the nonsensical statement) or was there a twinge, did it feel crappy to say?

If it was the latter, Congratulations, you found one of the beliefs holding you back,

Next step is to eliminate it,

Until next time,

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