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How can one get rid of extreme stage fear and anxiety?

You’ve heard the following already:

  • Just do it, take action

  • Meditate

  • Do/don't think of the audience as naked

  • Everyone wants you to do well, so just do it anyway

Why do these approaches although well meaning, (and may work for some) ultimately fail?

What if you believe that mistakes and failures are not ok, that you are not good enough, people aren’t interested in what you have to say, that what you have to say is not important - would this contribute to your fear, I think so?

But I know that mistakes and failures are part of the learning process, I am good enough, look at how much success I have, why do I still feel this way?

Of course we know that mistakes and failures are ok, they are part of the learning process, so let me ask you a question - when you make a mistake or fail, do you go yes, what a great learning opportunity, or is there a dread in the pit of your stomach and you have to psyche yourself up again?

Why is there that dread?

One word - Beliefs

Why the difference between knowing mistakes and failures are ok to actually believing it?

The reason you feel dread when making a mistake is that you have the belief that its not ok to make a mistake.

And when did you form the belief? Most likely, when you were a young child. What was your parents reaction when you for example took the orange juice out of the fridge and happen do drop it, was it what a great learning learning opportunity or did they get annoyed or frustrated. What did you conclude?

Why do we have stage fear and anxiety?

Because it is that young kid that is going up on stage, the young kid who did his best to understand the world and the people around him, around well meaning parents, who did the best job with the knowledge they head.

How do we get rid of our extreme stage fear and anxiety?

Find and get rid of the beliefs causing it,

Until next time,

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