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How do I get rid of Stage fear? Many times I've found I'm not able to speak in public or in a group?

Being on Stage/Public Speaking is not inherently scary. Stage fright/Public Speaking is not inherently scary. (that wasn’t a typo).

What is scary is the idea you have about those things, it those ideas contributing to your fears.

And what are these ideas?

Limiting Beliefs.

What is a belief? >> A belief is a general statement that we have about reality to be true.

A Limiting Belief? >> One that limits our reality

>> If you have a belief, that men can’t be trusted, how are you going to act around men?

>> If you have a belief that its wrong to make a mistake, how would you feel trying to complete anything, where there is a chance you can make a mistake.

What if you have beliefs such as: People aren’t interested in what I have to say; People don’t care what I have to say; I’m not important; The way to stay safe is to say the right thing; I don’t have what it takes

How are you going to act on stage? What about speaking in a group?

What beliefs do you have about public speaking, being on stage?

Now ask yourself, what could I do if these limiting beliefs were a thing of the past?

Until next time,

P.S. Want to find what limiting beliefs are holding you back?

  • Imagine you are about to step up on stage OR you are about to speak up in a group

  • (There will probably be some feeling of fear)

  • Now ask yourself, what must I believe, to have me fearful

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