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How do I overcome stage fear and become a more confident performer?

To quote Jerry Seinfeld:

"Most people at a funeral would rather be in the coffin than delivering the eulogy."

So what makes stage fear, public speaking or any type of performance the no.1 fear, greater than even the fear of dying?

Lets answer this with an experiment - try this out for yourself:

  • Close your eyes & imagine you are about to go on stage, ready to perform (make sure you are imagining a future situation)

  • Notice the feelings that are coming up for you - this is going to be some on some level of fear, from apprehension, anxiety, all the way to terror

  • Get in touch with the feeling that’s coming up for you

  • Now related to the feeling, notice the thoughts that are coming up for you - there will be thoughts like I cant do this, what are others going to say, I better not mess this up, etc

  • Write down the thoughts that came up

Why did you do that little experiment?

Read those thoughts that you wrote down.

>> What do these thoughts relate to?

→Beliefs - specifically Limiting Beliefs.

If you have thoughts like,

  • “I can’t do this” this can point to a belief/beliefs such as I’m not capable, I’m not good enough

  • “I better not mess this up” Possible Beliefs >> Mistakes are bad, The way to survive is to never make a mistake

  • “What are others going to say” Possible Beliefs >> What makes me important is having people think well of me

Look at the thoughts you wrote down and ask yourself these 2 questions:

  1. What must I believe to have these thoughts?

  2. If I didn’t have these beliefs would I still be afraid to perform?

Until next time,

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