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How does one overcome stage fright?

Public speaking is said to be the #1 fear:

“The fear of public speaking is the most common phobia ahead of death, spiders, or heights”

Why is it so pervasive and does it really need to cause fear?

Public speaking fear is just part of our everyday life now, you see it everywhere, you hear actors talk about it, others giving presentations, or just asking the store clerk where something is in the store - but just because its everywhere and a lot of people have it, does it necessarily need to cause fear?

Where does that fear come from, whether it be on stage or on life’s stage?

One place - its in the ideas we have about public speaking

Ideas such as: its too difficult, i cant do this, i’m going to mess up, what are others going to say, im going to look bad, etc

If these ideas were not there, would there be fear?

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