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I get nervous on-stage. Even when I am confident, my leg starts to shake. How do I prevent this?

The earth doesn’t revolve around the sun.

Until today you probably thought the opposite was true. (I definitely thought that). Actually what is really going on is the that Earth, Sun and all the planets are orbiting around the centre of mass of the solar system.

What does this have to with nervousness while being on stage?

A lot of people will say:

  • its natural and normal to be nervous on stage,

  • it shows that its important to you,

  • that you care,

  • that is shows that you are going after something want,

  • that you are on the right path because you are facing your fear.

But is it really?

Imagine this:

  • You’re at home, you’re getting ready to practice your monologue, no one is around, how do you feel - pretty good right, no leg-shaking, all ok.

Now imagine this:

  • Close you’re eyes, imagine you are on-stage and ready to perform your monologue, how do you feel - anxious, fearful, nervousness, leg-trembling. Good. Now get in-touch with those feelings. Feel those feelings. Related to those feelings, what thoughts are coming up for you, its too hard and I cant do this, what are others going to say, I better not mess this up etc.

What do those thoughts point to?

Beliefs. Limiting beliefs that you have about yourself.

Beliefs such as:

  • The way to survive is to never make a mistake

  • I’m not going enough

  • Whatever I do its never enough

  • People aren’t interested in what I have to say

Imagine you didn’t have these beliefs in your way.

Would being on stage cause fear? Would it be so “natural & normal” to be nervous on stage?

Until next time,

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