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  • Fearless Audition Coach

I have an important presentation that I have to take in 2 weeks? How do I overcome my fear?

You’ve probably heard of a lot of techniques out there, I’ve listed some below. However read on to see why they may not work

  • Breathing: deep breathe

  • Body: Shake your body before hand to get rid of the nervous tension

  • Visualise: Imagine the audience naked

  • Visualise: Imagine yourself succeeding before you go in

  • Buddy: Practice with a friend

  • Self Buddy: Practice with yourself. In front of a mirror, or use a camera

  • Self: Talk to an empty chair, as if that’s your audience

  • Rote: Go over the words over and over and over again

While some of these techniques are valid and they do work for some people, why are they not consistent?

These techniques are trying to deal with the symptom. They are looking at the surface level of the problem, the stage-fright being the surface level and trying to fix whats on the surface.

But what if you could fix the core of the problem, clear out whats underneath, the issue really causing the stage-fright, what would happen to the stage-fright then?

Until next time,

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