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Is anxiety resulting from the fear of public speaking?


Anxiety, comes from the ideas you have about public speaking.

The ideas being limiting beliefs.

Limiting beliefs such as:

I’m not capable; Im not good enough; People aren't interested in what I have to say; What I have to say is not important; Its wrong to make a mistake; If I make a mistake I’ll be rejected

  • Imagine two people; Person A & Person B.

  • They are both getting ready to speak in public

  • Person A believes: they are competent, important, good enough, not a failure, and that mistakes and failure are the fastest way to experience success

  • Person B believes: they aren’t capable, they are not competent, not important, its wrong to make a mistake

  • Which of these 2 people would you say is going to have anxiety when public speaking?

Notice I didn't say which person WAS important... or competent, I told you what they believed.

This is because we act according to what we believe to be true. Our thoughts, actions and feelings come from what you believe

Next two steps, find and eliminate the limiting beliefs,

If you’d like to know more, let me know,

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