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Is stage fright considered normal? Why or why not?

So just because a lot of people have Stage Fright, does that mean its normal, is it to be accepted as normal?

What about those that don’t have stage fright, are they the exceptions, the magic people that don’t feel it?

Why does Stage Fright exist in the first place?

Stage-fright or any other sort of public performance (including public speaking) exists because we are on show, we are totally out there.

With other fears, such as fear of feeling like a fraud, or fear of being found out, you can hide behind those - e.g. if you have a fear of feeling like a fraud, you can continuously prove to other people that you have what it takes - in other words you can hide behind showing people how good you are.

With stage fright there is nothing to hide behind - its you on show, its you right there, fears exposed.

Is Stage-Fright normal?

Ask yourself, if you could get rid of your fears, would you be scared of getting on stage, performing or public speaking?

Until next time,

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