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What are the best ways to overcome stage fright?

This is a question I was asked and this question that can come from many angles and answers, so lets narrow it down.

You want to overcome stage fright because:

  • You want to present your best self

  • Show what you can do

  • Able to be in the moment

  • Authentic, the real you

  • & many more

Why do we want to be those things?

Let’s answer with a question - What is one of your favourite scenes in a movie? For me its Al Pacino and Robert De Niro in Heat (the cafe scene).

What made this scene great and stand out in the movie? Was it the fact that you have two of the greatest actors perform their craft and at the top of the game, come face-to-face? Was it that this was such a pivotal point in the movie, where either character had a chance to walk away but decided not to?

Or was it the fact that they were both in the moment, they were authentic, genuine, weren’t over the top, they were being real and that's why that scene is gripping.

So we want to overcome stage-fright so that we play/are in compelling scenes, whether those scenes be in movies, on stage, or life’s stage, whether we are with our friends, colleagues, teachers, mentors etc. We want to be alive in the moment.

How do we be alive in the moment?

Here is quick-simple hack for you to use, called Perspective Shift,

a) Imagine you are feeling overwhelm, anxiety, stress before you are about to perform.

b) Be seated (preferably in a quiet space) and close your eyes

c) Imagine yourself, floating up and then looking back at yourself (like there are two different beings, one of yourself sitting down and the other above you, looking back at you)

d) Stay in this floated position looking back at yourself for 60 seconds

e) After 60 seconds, notice that your feelings have diminished in intensity

f) If required, repeat for another 60 seconds

Try it out, enjoy and keep it in your back-pocket ready to go,

Until next time,

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