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What causes stage fright? Can you treat it?

In a word Beliefs

Get rid of the Limiting Beliefs holding you back & your stage-fright will be a thing of the past.

Why Beliefs?

A belief is a general statement about reality you feel is true. A limiting belief is one that limits your reality. Your thoughts, feelings, actions, behaviours are in line with what you believe, therefore a limiting belief is one that limits your thoughts, feelings, actions, behaviours.

Treat your Stage Fright - Get rid of your limiting beliefs

The best way treat your stage-fright, get rid of your limiting beliefs.

>> How do you do that? 2 simple steps

  1. Identify your limiting beliefs

  2. Eliminate them

  • How do you identify your limiting beliefs?

  1. Imagine your about go get on stage

  2. Notice that your feeling anxious, or scared or frightened, or some sort of fear

  3. Ask yourself - What must I believe to have me feel this way,

Examples can be: What are others going to say, I better not mess this up, I better get it right, its not ok to make a mistake, I’m a failure

Now let me ask you, if you didnt have these beliefs, would you be fearful getting up on stage?

Until next time,

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