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What is the best way to cope with auditions?

Cope - Definition

To be able deal effectively with something difficult

How would we then deal with something difficult?

Usually by adding more tools to arsenal:

  • Visualise

  • Deep breathe

  • Affirmations

  • Try not to think about it (pink elephant anyone?)

What if you eliminated the need to cope? No coping tools would be required

You would be able to deal with the situation at hand, no stress, no worry, no problem

Most of the time when we are coping with something, we try to add stuff to help us

  • Stressed > here is a stress management technique

  • Anxious > here is a breathing technique

  • Frustrated > here is a pill

Maybe what we need to do, is to start subtracting stuff, that we believe, that is causing us the need to “cope”

Try this:

Imagine a friend of yours if fearful of auditions

Now ask yourself - what must that friend believe that makes them fearful?

Could be anything from:

  • they feel they don’t have it takes

  • they are not good enough

  • they are worried what other people are going to say

  • etc

Looking at the list, how many of these apply to you?

Now ask yourself, if I didn’t believe those things, would I still feel the need to “cope” with auditions?

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