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What is the best way to handle and overcome stage fright when someone asks you suddenly (unprepared)

There is a motto in scouts, always be prepared but how can you be prepared for something that you aren’t ready for and why does the stage fright happen?

You got the audition, you prepared for it and you’re ready to nail it. You’re perform it and it went well, you feel good. Then the director gives you a piece to read on the spot, something you’ve never seen before. You start to panic, palms start to sweat, start to think “can they see me being nervous, i hope I don't mess this up”. So what causes this and how do we overcome it?

Beliefs - Specifically those that are negative.

So what is a belief and why does that impact my performance.

A belief is a general view of how we see the world. A negative belief is a belief that negatively impacts our view of the world. These include beliefs such as I cant do this, what are people going to think of me, I better get this right, etc

What happened when I was prepared? Did those beliefs go away?

When you got the audition, you prepared for it, you were ready to nail it. The beliefs that were there lurking underneath the surface, were kept at bay by preparedness (even overpreparedness). In other words by being prepared, you were keeping your beliefs down below, they were protected with a nice layer of preparedness.

Then what happened?

You were asked to read something you haven't read before. The layer of preparedness was gone. You beliefs that were bubbling underneath the surface, just popped up - like a ball you were trying to hold under water. As you beliefs came up, you started to sweat, stress-out, panic what is known as stage-fright.

How do you find the beliefs & what can you do about it?

To find whats there lurking underneath the surface, ask yourself,

>>What do I believe that has me feel scared, anxious.

>>What beliefs do these point to?

Beliefs such as: If I fail i’ll be rejected, its not ok to make a mistake, if I don't do things perfectly people will think I'm a fake,

Then what you can do is Eliminate the beliefs that are causing your fear, and stage-fright will be a thing of the past.

Until next time,

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