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  • Fearless Audition Coach

What is the best way to overcome stage fright,especially when giving a speech?

Just do it!! - Take a deep breath!! - They want you to succeed!! - Everyone suffers from it!! -Reward yourself afterwards!! - Be mindful of the moment!!

I’m sure you’ve heard all of these tips before and more. Good advice, but do they really work? They may work 1 time, but the next time? Hey if they’ve worked for you then great - use it.

Here’s why they may not work long-term.

Most people think that its the audition or being on stage that is scary right?

Lets try a little experiment……..

Imagine you are at a party and a friend walks by and didn’t say hello to you?

  • What might you say: He doesn't care, he’s annoyed with me, I must have done something wrong.

  • What might you feel? Angry, upset, annoyed

  • Where did those ideas come from? Your mind.

  • Where they there to be seen? No

All that happened was your friend walked by and didn’t say hello

It could be that:

  • he had other things on his mind,

  • he didn’t see you,

  • he didn't want to speak to you then as you seemed busy, etc

What has this got to do with stage-fright?

Imagine you are going go on stage to perform.

What ideas do you have about performing?

Ask yourself can you see those ideas? Or are they in my mind

What else can I say about going on stage?

Try it,

Let me know how this works out,

Until next time,

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