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Why is it that I have a great talent but I can't perform before audience just because of fear?

Updated: Jul 14, 2020

You’ve heard it already right?- all the well meaning advice:

  • Standing before a crowd is a talent in itself, and not all people have it

  • Stage fright is normal

  • You gotta practice, practice, practice

  • Its human nature

  • & many more

There one thing causing your fear.

And that one thing is


Don’t believe me? Try this

  1. Close your eyes and imagine you’re about to step-up on stage

  2. Notice the feelings of fear coming up for you. Get in touch with them

  3. Notice the thoughts that are coming up for you, related to that feeling of fear

  4. Write down those thoughts

The thoughts will be around the lines of: I cant do this, I’m going to mess up, What are people going to say about me, I better get this right?

And what do these thoughts point to? You got it?


  • Thought: I can’t do this >> Belief: I’m not capable; I’m not good enough

  • Thought: I’m going to mess up >> Belief: Mistakes and Failures Are Bad

  • Thought: What are people going to say about me >> What makes me good enough is having people think well of me

  • Thought: I better get this right >> The way to survive is to do things perfectly

Try the above exercise out for yourself

First step is to find the beliefs, the next step is to eliminate them

So what beliefs are in your way? What beliefs are causing your fear?

Until next time,

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